Our Process

Warning We Are Not Your Average Article Writers!

Content should always be created with a goal and purpose. I go the extra mile to dig deep and understand the who, what, where, when and why of your content goals and objectives. Most article writers simply want you to provide them with a seed keyword and a word count. What good will that accomplish if the article is not written for your target audience and doesn’t have a call to action?

Every piece of content I produce has a specific goal and objective. And if you don’t know what the goals and objectives should be, that’s fine. I’m a professional internet marketer and I can work with you to set realistic goals and objectives for your content. I take content very seriously and I aim to please.

Content Creation Methodology

What Is The Goal and Objective?

The first question which must be answered is “what is the goals and objectives of this content? It makes no sense to write an article and not know what the main purpose is does it? Check out the example goals I typically focus on:

  • Generating more leads.
  • Generating more web traffic.
  • Recover from Google Panda
  • Reduce bounce rate with engaging content.
  • Rank higher on Google.

Keyword Research

Keyword research is vitally important when it comes to content creation. The keywords contained within your article can increase its value and traffic rate significantly. I will analyzes your project from various keyword perspectives including:

  • LSI Keywords
  • Sales Funnel Keywords
  • User Intent Keywords
  • Trending Keywords
  • Competitor Keywords

Once we get these elements out of the way I go into writing mode and generate content that attracts both humans and search engines. I invite you to contact me right now so we can discuss your goals. You can reach me at Jason [at] MagneticContent.org